On Cultivating The Wait

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Oftentimes, we fail to hear the voice of our intuition, not because it isn’t there, but because the space between the flash of insight and the conditioned response is so brief, the latter overshadows the former.

The intuitive voice or message is the one that comes in the first moments after being confronted with a decision or put in a situation that challenges our comfort zone. It’s the yes or no answer that just appears. The feeling in your gut. The understanding about which way to take things. Of course, once you have a practiced connection with it, we don’t require urgent situations in order to hear it, but for many of us, it’s the very clear-cut areas where we first become tangibly aware of its presence.

This ability to see through the situation to what is, is often muddied by the thoughts of what we should be doing.

“No, it’s not a good idea for me to ride right now, but what will everyone think if I don’t?”

“I have the right to own this dream of mine, but then again, they’ve told me I don’t have what it takes, so who am I to think otherwise?”

“I know I need to approach my training this way, but then this is the way I’m being told to do it. It feels bad but what do I know?”

Insight overshadowed by doubt, expectation, and many times, tradition.

The key to reconnecting is to cultivate the wait. To drop back into your body and your heart, and out of your head. To ask how that thought, feeling or decision feels. And if you aren’t sure, to allow yourself time and space.

This is not a weak thing to do. In fact, with all the opinions and judgments that swirl around us, it’s just about the bravest.


❤️ Jane

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