Confidence vs Capacity

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Confidence is something that we are all in dynamic relationship with, and I am in constant conversation with riders who tell me that they have lost confidence, lack confidence, or feel like it’s the missing link in being the rider and horseperson their horse deserves.

In my experience, our quest for confidence has us fixated on surface-level solutions. We search for ways to become tougher, stronger; to cancel out what we might perceive to be weaknesses or anxieties, and more often than not, go to war with ourselves in the process.

The more beautiful question I have been asking is, is it really confidence we are after, or is it something deeper than that? My observations and own riding experience led me to understand that it’s more about our body’s ability to hold a bigger energetic resonance and frequency without coupling that together with fear or concern that lies at the heart of our aspirations.

By increasing our capacity- the amount of energy and activation our system can hold without overflowing- we allow our body and mind to merge with the experience and become a part of it. In this way, we are available to give ourselves over to our horses and soften the edges of any resistance we might have felt previously.

I talk about this more in this video of me warming up with my horse Nadia in preparation for our session together:





❤️ Jane


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