Calm, Centered, and Ready

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When you think of being calm and centered, what comes up for you?

How do you picture this experience in your mind’s eye? How do those words land in your body?

The more conversations I have around this, the more I notice that people equate quiet energy with a static body.

And maybe this is the start point. But remember— the body can be moving dynamically and gymnastically and still embody calmness.

Centered energy has no relationship to how fast your body, or your horse’s body is moving through space.

Calm and centered energy is dynamic energy. It’s a state of readiness.

It says:

If I need to add energy to this situation, I am available for that.

And if I need to lower energy in this situation, it’s possible for me to move in that direction on the continuum also.

Being calm and centered is a state of anti-anticipation.

It doesn’t seek out a movement in a certain direction or foresee it. But it can move in any which way as and when it’s required.


❤️ Jane

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