Body Informing Mind: A Discussion on the Somatic & Interoceptive Nervous Systems & their role in repatterning responses

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I’m always blown away by how simple changes to posture; how tangibly connecting with where feeling and sensation sits in the body in relation to a specific thought; how accessing experience through the body can allow us to not only shift our perception but integrate and metabolize experiences from the past that are showing up as challenges in the present.

It’s one thing to see this play out in real life and another to understand the mechanisms and systems at work that explains why working at the level of the body is so powerful.

Why is it that shifting things in the body changes our thoughts?

How does it work that we can make sense of traumatic or stressful events through body-based practices?

The answer lies in understanding the nature of memory and also the function of the somatic, interoceptive, and proprioceptive nervous systems, and how they work together to create templates of our experience.

In this episode we discuss:

  • Explicit and implicit memory; the basic differences between the two and how understanding their functions and role helps us integrate traumatic stress and change any unwanted patterns and behaviors
  • The somatic, interoceptive, and proprioceptive nervous systems; their role and function in memory and why it’s necessary to begin at the level of the body for us to make sense of past experiences making themselves known in the present
  • How our nervous system functions as an integrated whole, with body informing mind and mind informing body

You can tune your listening ears in here:

Happy listening!

❤️ Jane

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