Beliefs As The Willingness To Be Different

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We had an interesting discussion in Stable Hours this morning, which is a weekly live Q&A in JoyRide. It started with discussions about emotional relationships to different parts of the body and then meandered into a conversation on beliefs, in all their many, varied forms.

When I first got into the field of mindset and behaviour, I found information about beliefs- how they affect us, how we can go about shifting them- confusing, and in some instances intimidating. What if I had a limiting belief that I didn’t even know about that was somehow holding me back? What is it I could do then? How can I possibly change something if I’m unsure what it even is?

Us humans love to fear the unknown.

So much of who we are, of course, is formed by what it is we believe. It can restrict our possibility or expand it. Allow us to attempt something new or keep us in the confines of what it is we already know. Allow us to a fuller breadth of experience is all sense of the word, or keeping us running up and down on the same spot. We understand this. And we also know that so much of what we believe we have absorbed; osmotically, as a result of the people we hang out with, the circumstances of our growing up, the possibilities afforded to us. Not all of our beliefs have been the result of active choice.

It’s no wonder we are interested in learning more about it.

After years of wondering, learning and yet more wondering, I’ve arrived at something I think is relatively simple, at least in theory- it takes a little more work in practice (as all things of deep roots do).

In this video, I discuss what it is I believe is needed to shift a belief of any sort, in a way that does not require digging around, or worry, or deep lines of investigation. It simply this:

The willingness to be different at the end of an experience than you were at the beginning.


I’d love to hear your thoughts!

xx Jane



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