Belief Is Learned In Relationship

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You know the beautiful thing about belief? It’s learned in relationship.

Everything that we have come to understand about the world and ourselves has been learned in relationship to someone or something else. It’s an endless conversation of meaning-making and comparative analysis that causes us to decide how things are and that, in turn, shapes our perception.

In human to human interactions, our beliefs are heavily influenced through words and dialogue. We get easily stuck in the “meaning” channel, of assessments, and logical dissection that can cause the thoughts to spin around our heads in an endless loop.

And then, we stand before our horses, and this layer is stripped away. Without words, without the ability to relate verbally, what are we left with?

We are left with the task of redefining listening and our relationship to ourselves. Of establishing partnership at the level of the heart and body, rather than the mind.

We are called to drop back in, to hold space for ourselves and another that often lacks certainty and requires a level of subtlety and understanding that is frequently lost in the busyness of modern life.

When I ride Nadia now, I feel happy. I feel the aliveness in her cells and it’s contagious. The feeling starts in my chest and I find the enthusiasm spilling out in smiles on my face. She has taught me to get out of my head and into my body.

A belief and new understanding once again learned in relationship.


❤️ Jane

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