A Dolly Lama Session with Tania Kindersley & Kathy Price

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Are you ready for us?! I’m joined back on the pod this week with two of my besties who you no doubt are well familiar with already- the most amazing Kathy Price and the infinitely regal Tania Kindersley.

 Kathy, Tania and myself are regularly chattering about all things life, horses and the universe, and whenever one of us is stuck or needs an ear, the call goes out over the WhatsApp airwaves saying, I need a DollyLama conversation! And when one hears this cry, one knows that they need to pay attention.

The Dolly Lama talks began a couple of years back when we were discussing what a superb human Dolly Parton is, and how the perfect cross between a human being would be Dolly and the Dalai Lama. Thus the phrase “Dolly Lama” was coined, and the Dolly Lama chats was basically us doing our best to make sense of this whole human-ing experience.

On that thread, when we all got together for this podcast, I couldn’t really do anything else other than to call it a Dolly Lama session. And with most of our conversations, we cover a lot of territory with much giggle snorting in between.

 Amongst other things, we talk about:

  •   The movement away from seeking outward validation and people pleasing patterns
  • The liberation of living with authenticity and integrity
  • How your perspective creates your reality

I hope you enjoy it!

You can find Kathy on her website here.

And you can find Tania on her Red Mare page here.

Happy listening!

❤️ Jane

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