Whole Ass One Thing

Normally I’m quite a productive little creature. I don’t really notice this about myself until I have a day where the inspiration just isn’t flowing, the words just aren’t coming, and the usual energy I feel coursing through my cells just isn’t there.

The old me used to rage against the machine when this happened.

I would sit listlessly at my computer pretending to work.

I would lament that I should be riding and not ride.

I would insert thing I felt like I should be doing at that time and instead do something not related to that thing, whilst thinking about that thing.

In other words, I was half-assing two things. It’s a terrible business.

The latest version of me now sees the early warning signals and actions the Whole Ass Method.

I say to myself, seriously Jane. If you are going to sit here half-ass working, you might as well go away and full-ass something else until you’re ready to bring your whole self to the job.

The same for riding. No horse of mine deserves my half-ass attention. If I can’t full ass it, then I will come back when I can.

It’s worth it, trust me.

Don’t half-ass two things. Whole ass one thing.

Thanks, Ron.

And you’re welcome.


❤️ Jane