✏️ 25 Notes To Self: An Advent Calendar of Self-Reflection 🌷 ✍️ Day 7/25: On slower, less, and all in the right time {Lessons from Nadia} 🐎

Nadia and I often adventure around the farm.
She’s mostly brave mixed in with a little bit of not-so-braveness. In her not so brave moments, I do my best to create a safe container for both of us so we can soften the edges of the resistance without adding to it or pretending it away.
The back track is very rustly. There are birds scuffling around. The leaves crunch. Twigs snap. There are lots of untraceable, untrackable sounds that appear to have no beginning and no end.
For a moment, Nadia froze. Her neck was stiff. Her ears searched for meaning as they picked up whisperings that they weren’t sure how to decipher.
So, we sat. We sat in the space of not moving.
I sat with my breath and searched for relaxation. I imagined the spaces of relaxation inside me were the colour yellow. I watched them drip into my body and expand, like food colouring released out of a dropper into water. And I imagined those feelings expanding into both of us.
What felt like a very long time was most likely a still state of less than a minute. And then an exhale, a lick and chew and continue on our way.
Trauma within a situation is created through “too fast, too much, too soon”. It’s easy to inadvertently create a problem through applying pressure or being in a rush, when in fact, the simple act of not doing, and then within that, allowing for the comedown, the issue reaches a natural resolution.
The antidote then?
Slower, a little bit less, and all in the right time.
Gently easing forward instead of powering through.
A good thing to remember.
❤️ Jane