Exercising Your Superpower Of Showing Up

I talk about how important it is to exercise our superpower of showing up a lot, and someone recently asked me what I think the biggest impediment to showing up is.

Before I answered, I asked them what THEY thought it was.

Discipline was the first answer, or a lack of.

Perhaps a lack of knowing WHAT to do was thrown in there.

A lack of mental strength to be able to push through when things were hard was the third suggestion.

I get all three, but I respectfully disagreed with them.

A lack of kindness or love I believe is one of the primary things that stops us showing up.

Think of it this way:

On Day One, you can get out there and do your thing.

But showing up on Day Two or Three requires that you are kind enough with your mind, your heart, and your spirit to forgive any mistakes, take the pressure off yourself to be perfect and to recommit to continuing to show up in the messy wholeness of who you are despite what you might see as your lacks, or your not-good-enough-ness.

The key reason I believe people don’t show up and ride as often as they can is because of how hard we are on ourselves. Because of the scathing commentary of the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee. Because of the fear of getting it wrong and not being good enough.

Kindness and love melts those concerns. It doesn’t make it instantly easy but it says, you know what. It’s ok. This is all part of the process. Let’s do it again tomorrow.

Being kind with your mind is the highest form of practice there is.


❤️ Jane