The Absence Of Stress As A Start Point

When we come to strongly identify with feelings of anxiety, worry or concern, it’s easy for our awareness to switch on only during the moments when those same sensations are present in the body. This hypersensitivity to feelings of tightness, contractions or dis-ease can lead us to believe that this is the only state available to us, attaching a sense of permanency to what is essentially a mercurial experience.

Often times, the way in is not through focusing more on that which you are already aware of, but in broadening your awareness to notice the times when those feelings are absent.

As you read this now, notice the quality of feeling in your body. If your awareness is immediately drawn to areas of tightness or contraction, see if you can find a place that feels less tight, less contracted and allow yourself to sit there for a time.

Train your brain to recognize there is more available to focus on than what immediately captures its attention.


❤️ Jane