Want To See The Future In Advance?

Want to be able to see into the future?

Tell me in a sentence or two about your horse and I’ll let you know the direction things are likely to take.

It’s become more and more apparent to me that how we talk to our horses and the words that we use to describe them are fairly accurate indicators of what’s to come.

My horse is really naughty.

He knows that I’m not that confident and he uses it against me.

He’s nutty, feral.

Tries to buck me off on purpose.

Language like this limits empathy, curiosity, and understanding. When we use words that position behaviors as personality traits we remove ourselves from the ability to ask why and to dive underneath the surface to investigate further. What’s more, we come into the conversation with a hard edge and an us-and-them, win-or-lose mentality.

It’s also the understanding that will separate the horsemen & women from the riders. They are not the same thing.

Every word that you use holds energy in your body. It produces its own resonance. It shapes your perception of who or what you are describing, which in turn informs your decisions and actions and the tone of the space you hold together.

Words matter. Don’t be careless with them.


❤️ Jane