Don’t Leave Yourself Off Your Own List

I know I’m not the only one who has needing reminding about this at one time or another, so in case that’s you right now remember…

Don’t leave yourself off your own list.

At the beginning of last year, I made a pact with myself:

In all reasonable circumstances, I was going to prioritise working and playing with my horses, no matter what was going on or how easily I could convince myself that something was “more urgent”.

I have two young children, my own business and a busy life and no matter how much I love working with my horses or how important they are to me, it was all too easy to place in the “non-urgent” category and bump it off the list in the face of other things that called loudly in my ear. I realized that time to ride was never going to just “make itself available”. I had to carve it out and protect it. I had to claim it.

This didn’t happen without some fiddling. I get up at what would be considered crazy o clock by many and get a couple of hours work done before anyone else in my house is awake. Then, when everyone else is organized and off to school, I pull on my boots and out I go.

We so easily convince ourselves that doing the things we love is “luxury” time, but for me, my horses are a necessity. They are where I receive ideas, words and inspiration that flows into every part of my work. They are where my system decompresses so I can show up for my family as a balanced human. They are where I learn about myself. They are both a luxury AND a necessity. A luxurious necessity.

The list doesn’t fit us in anymore. It fits around us.


❤️ Jane