Looking to be a part of an empowering community of riders who have your back? Ready to bust through those confidence and anxiety issues once and for all? I’ve got you covered. 

JoyRide is my membership program that takes you through a comprehensive process to give you the skills you need to develop mental strength and effectively manage your mindset. It’s all about confidence and how you can get some- at home AND in competition.

JoyRide includes two comprehensive courses- The Confidence Cure And Competition Ready, as well as a library of resources that will hand on heart, revolutionise your riding life. Plus, you get access to the exclusive JoyRide Facebook community and live weekly trainings where you can ask questions, get feedback and be supported by myself and your fellow JoyRiders over the course of your journey. I know, right! Virtual high five! Check it out here.

Ready to silence that incessant mind chatter that’s throwing a wet blanket over your riding dreams? I hear you!

My bespoke audio package is the way forward. We get together, decided on the results you are wanting and then I craft a 30- 40 minute guided audio that’s specifically tailored to you and your riding. After that, it’s yours to keep. In addition to using it for specific challenges, you can also bust it out as pre comp prep or whenever you need to press reset.

In addition, we have an initial one on one session together, where I share my insights, thoughts and strategies to get you moving forward to where it is that you want to be. Want the details? Click here and it will take you there! 

Need someone to break through the mind clutter and give you targeted help to step things up? Want to nail that competition (but have a few things getting in the way)? Ready to make things happen? Me too!

1:1 Coaching let’s us really get down to business. You get my undivided, personal attention to figure out what your current blocks are that are getting in the way of you getting the results that you want, or feeling the way you want to feel when you are out there riding your horse.

I arm you with the mental skills you need to manage your mindset, we create a strategy to make it happen and I become your number one cheerleader in helping you step things up. Support, strategy and skills.

Check out how we can work together here.

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