Riding is your thing, it’s your passion…

But at the moment, when you put your foot in the stirrup and get into the saddle, things aren’t exactly going to plan. Or at least they aren’t as amazing as you know they can be.

It might be that the nerves start to chew away at you and you feel powerless to stop them.

Maybe you are totally rocking it out at home, but when it comes to competing, things fall apart.

Or maybe you are just riding along on a wing and a prayer without a clear game plan or strategy and you feel kind of… stuck. Ugh.

We can’t be having that! I’ve coached dozens of riders who feel exactly the way that you do now.

I can give you the mental skills you need to ride with confidence and joy – that’s my superpower.

Whether you prefer 1-1 coaching, or you want to be part of a vibrant riding community, I’ve got a solution that will work for you. Here are the ways that we can work together so you can get your A-game on.

I’m based in New Zealand but work with riders all over the world- from Australia to Brazil, to the United States, Europe and everywhere in between! Sessions are held online via Skype – no matter where you are in the world, we can arrange a time to suit both of us.

“If you are looking for the missing link in your riding- whether it be improving competition success or gaining confidence- Jane is it. Working with Jane has meant learning a phenomenal amount and it is really changing my life. Everything is easy to understand and the step by step processes she provides you with make it easy to change our daily habits and mindset.Jane has given me the tools and strategies to remain motivated, focused and positive in my riding and my life.”

Nicki Klevering

Option #1: JoyRide

JoyRide is my membership program that takes you through a comprehensive process to give you the skills you need to develop mental strength and effectively manage your mindset. It’s delivered to you via weekly tutorials and action plans that are easy to slot into your day-to-day life and will, hand on heart, revolutionise your riding life.

It’s a progressive journey of mojo building awesomeness that takes you through my unique confidence creating process that has transformed the riding experience of countless riders to date.
JoyRide includes:


  • Weekly tutorials + action steps delivered directly to your inbox, covering a variety of topics including updating your belief systems, managing your emotional state no matter what is thrown at you, and creating a game plan to keep you trotting purposely forwards! There are loads more, but that gives you a taster of where we are heading with this…
  • Access to the exclusive JoyRide Facebook community where you can ask questions, get feedback and be supported by myself and your fellow JoyRiders over the course of your journey. I know, right! Virtual high five!

Option # 2 Competition Ready

If you look like an Olympic qualifier at home but the wheels fall off when you get into the ring, this is the course you need. I will help you re-produce the
kind of results you get while training when it matters to you most.

Competition Ready is my 6 week mental fitness training program to fortify your focus, increase your confidence and get you in the zone for competition. This course only run twice a year and is delivered via videos, audios, workbooks and online learning materials. I’m am also a very hands on part of the process, supporting and guiding you every step of the way.

Option #1 Compete To Win

Imagine riding into the ring feeling as though you were totally in the zone. You are primed, focused, exuding a quiet confidence that allows you to stay relaxed and on task in the saddle.

You are in your own bubble. Unconcerned by what’s going on around you. It’s just you and your horse, ready to show everyone what you are made of.

Sound out of your reach? It’s really not. Together we can develop a mental fitness program that will see you in the zone and performing at your best.

Compete to Win is my tailored, 1:1 Coaching program to give you the mental toughness, focus and skill you need to compete at the highest level… and win. This program has been designed to fine tune your strategy, provide you with specialist mental training skills for competition and sharpen your game in and out of the arena so you can get out there and do what you do best.

Over the course of our time together we will:

+ Develop a personalized mental fitness program that will increase your mental strength, focus and concentration to get you in the zone for competition

+ Deal effectively with self-doubt, lack of confidence and competition anxiety

+ Accelerate your training and competition outcomes with effective and targeted strategies

Over the course of our sessions together, we develop a watertight strategy and the mental focus and toughness to be completely on form in competition.

“I genuinely love working with Jane. She supplies the perfect combination of challenge and reward while providing a solid sounding base with non-judgmental support. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending her to anyone wanting a helping hand in turning their goals into a reality.”

Abby Lawrence

Professional 3* Event Rider

Option #2 Coaching Clinic

My Coaching Clinic is for dealing with and finding an effective solution for a specific challenge or problem. It might be that you are:

  • Anxious about an upcoming event
  • Struggling with fear after an accident or injury or an extended time away from riding
  • Stuck in a cycle of negative self-beliefs
  • In need of help to set and reach goals in your riding
  • Wanting to improve your competitive performance

Through our one-to-one coaching sessions, we will tackle the mental blocks that stand between where you are now and where you want to be.

Coaching Clinic packages are delivered in 4 session blocks. The guidance you receive will be specifically targeted to the areas you want to improve, the problem you want to tackle, or an event you are preparing for

Option #3 Power Hour

Power hour sessions are exactly that- one off sessions where you get my undivided attention and mental skills expertise for an hour. I offer a limited number of Power Hour sessions designed to help you:

+ Get unstuck and develop a clear strategy to move you forward

+ Help you overcome your fears and worries

+ Work out a plan of attack to deal with confidence or return-to-riding after injury issues

+ Simplify and find solutions to any glaring challenges you are facing in your riding

+ Create a do-able plan of action that will help you achieve your goals

+ Redirect your focus

You will come away from your Power Hour with a clear idea how to move forward and a set of actions to make it happen.

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