How It Works

My 1:1 work is the most empowering and effective stuff that I do and I LOVE it. Whether you are wanting to bust through some blocks and fine tune things for competition, move forward after an accident or trauma, or boost your confidence so you can do the things that you want to do with your horse, you are in the right place. You choose what we focus on and I invest 100% of myself in our sessions to help you make it happen.

There’s a lot that goes into our time together.

I have a host of tools in my tool kit (I’m a US and NZ Board Approved Coach, a certified mental skills coach, an NLP practitioner, Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator, and Master Hypnotherapist) as well as years of experience with working exclusively with riders to know that this can happen for you if you commit to playing full out with me.

My primary focus is on clearing away any blocks or mental clutter that are currently standing in the way of you being able to not only experience the  results that you want, competitive or otherwise, but experience the sense of enjoyment and partnership you want with your horse.


Jane was the turning point for my competitive riding. I was given her name by a friend when I found myself in a black hole during the ShowJumping season. I had become very negative and was lacking confidence.  The competitions became daunting and I was in a habit of not going through my weekend goals.

I was nervous to make contact but Jane soon made me feel comfortable and her loving uplifting energy was like a magnet. The immediate improvements could be seen in my riding and she had a significant impact on my results for the rest of the season. I now have learnt techniques that I use in my daily riding but also in life.

She has a professional manner and a remarkable gift to inspire and connect with her clients. The positive changes in my riding are invaluable.  I would not hesitate in recommending Jane to others. I look forward to continuing to work with Jane and smash out next season’s goals.  A heartfelt thank you for everything you have done for me and my riding career.

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Dana Sutton

The Result

It’s my aim for you to develop the means to:

+ Deal effectively with self-doubt, lack of confidence and anxiety (whether that be more general or competition specific)

+ Move forward from trauma, accident or injury

+ Break through any limiting beliefs and unconscious roadblocks that are currently getting in your way (you know, the ones that make you say “I just don’t know why that happens but I can’t just seem to push through”!… those are the ones I am talking about!)

+ Accelerate your training and riding outcomes with effective and targeted strategies

+ Develop a personalized mental fitness program that will increase your mental strength, focus and concentration to get you in the zone for competition and / or to deal effectively with confidence issues.


In a nutshell, I want you to be able to develop the means to knock it out of the ballpark in competition, or have you riding off into the sunset feeling confident and happy.

Your goals are my goals and I am committed to making it happen for you. 

I have been working with Jane Pike for the last few years. She has provided me with the tools to “tweak” my performance in the reining arena.

My biggest issue was the anxiety that I felt before the competitions. I went through Jane’s online course, Competition Ready and she gave me some techniques that helped dramatically. Then we got qualified to show at the World Equestrian Games – I wasn’t sure that the improvements that I had made would sustain in such a big event. And now I had new feelings about being worthy enough to represent a country!

Jane and I started working together in the lead up to it and she also accompanied me to the event. There was not 1 thing that she did that helped, it was a combination of her online resources and her personalized audios, advice and support that made all the difference.

  1. I was not nervous and did not feel nervous or anxious except for about 2 minutes when we got the first draw order at the event. I did not get the usual anxiety in the lead up to the event other than this and it was just a little bit of butterflies in my tummy!
  2. I felt ready, confident and excited to show from the night before to the minute I walked in the arena and all the way through my performance.
  3. I posted 2 of my personal best scores at the biggest event I’ve ever shown in. AND THE BEST PART – I SMILED NEARLY THE ENTIRE TIME IN THE SHOW ARENA the second day!

I have no doubt that this event was a turning point for me. The confidence that it has given me in my preparation, abilities and worthiness make me excited to set new goals! I could not have done it without Jane Pike!

Robyn Schiller, Team Australia, World Equestrian Games 2018

How do we start?

1:1 Coaching is for you if one (or all) of these apply….

+ You feel like your lack of confidence, nerves or anxiety is getting in the way of what it is you want to do with your riding

+  You have suffered from an accident or trauma in your riding that you just can’t seem to get past, or which has divided your riding into a “before and after” story

+  You are a competition rider ready to take it to the next level in your chosen discipline, or feel as though your confidence (or lack of!) and mindset is getting in the way of what you are wanting to do with your riding and / or you feel that your current competitive performance is not reflective of your true ability.

+ You want a mental training program and coach that will give you the skills, support and strategy to accelerate your progress towards your competitive goals and allow you to get “in the zone” whilst competing and to help you develop the competitive edge.

+ You are ready to take action and commit to the work to move you forward.

+ You hit the Sign Up button button and I send you through all the necessary forms for us to get started including a detailed questionnaire so you can outline where it is you are currently at, the challenges you are facing and what your goals are. I’ll also send you a link to a contract and my online calendar so we can make a date to get started.

Full Payment: $2500.00 USD

Payment Plan: $1250.00 USD

+ We have a 60 minute coaching session once a week over the course of 6 weeks via Zoom (an online meeting platform). During this time, we explore any current blocks or challenges that are holding you back, create an effective strategy to ensure that you are on track for your competition or riding goals and ultimately look to remove any mental baggage or clutter currently getting in your way.

+ The investment is $2500 USD for the Foundation Sessions. This includes 6 x 60 minute coaching sessions, a digital copy of the Confident Rider Training Journal, email support and any materials I feel relevant to your success. You can pay this is full, or in two instalments over two months (both options are there when you hit the sign up button). If you would like to discuss a longer payment plan then let me know.

+ Mentoring is also available on an ongoing basis or as needed for those who have completed the Foundation Sessions. This also allows for debriefs, adjustments to the plan as needed and ongoing support and advice to ensure you are performing at your best.

+ Got questions? Hit me up! You can email me or send me a message here.

Full Payment: $2500.00 USD

Payment Plan: $1250.00 USD

I went to Jane hoping to understand why I was stuck and to gain the knowledge and skills that would allow me to become unstuck. She immediately saw what the barriers were and used her tools to get me moving forward. Generous with her support, knowledge and time, along with firm but kind, ensured I not only began moving forward but I now have what I need in my own tool belt to keep me going.

Pamela Poole

Not 100% sure that the Foundation Sessions are right for you at the moment?

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