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I Don’t Feel Like It Today

I don’t feel like it today. A simple enough statement. Harmless in and of itself. And at times, completely understandable. After all, most of us

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Reflections from WEG

I’m in the hotel room, kicking back. It’s the night before the “big day”. The competition is due to start in the morning and we’ve opted out of attending the open ceremony festivities in favour of some down time and internal silence (it’s amazing how the white noise at big events surrounds you at all times!).

Since WEG has been over, I’ve seen many questions asked, a large proportion of which included the statement, what’s the one thing?

What’s the one thing that made the difference?

What’s the one thing that turned it around?

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The truth is, there’s never really one thing.

In the case of success of any sort, it’s always multiple things that contribute to producing a successful result. One of my favorite (and potentially most frustrating!) lines is, “it’s all about the process”.

It’s a favourite because it’s true- it really is all about the process.

It’s frustrating because it’s generally not what you want to hear when you are looking for, well… the one thing.

Process indicates time.

Process indicates practice.

Process indicates consistent application.

Process, process, process.

And despite knowing that, despite knowing it was all about the process and the years and months of work that had gone in, I was still searching for something.

I don’t believe in the “one thing” but I do know there are times when I’ve heard the right thing at the time when it mattered most, and it was that thing that I was searching for.

And so there I was, lying on my bed, searching my brain space for the right thing to say.

I was asking myself, what is the one thing that I would want to hear if it were me in the saddle tomorrow? What would I want to tell myself? What would I want to hear?

What IS the one thing?

And you know what it is?

It’s gratitude.

That’s what I’d want to be reminded of.

I sent this message to Robyn:

If you can ride into the warm up and enter the arena with a sense of gratitude- gratitude for what you have already achieved, for your amazing horses, for the experience and the chance to be country representatives, I truly think you connect to the higher part of yourself that transcends any other lower energies that make you feel separate or concerned. If you can ride for and with that part of you, then you will dance your way through it.

You don’t have to be riding at the World Equestrian Games or aspire to in order to experience the positive effects of gratitude. Cultivating an attitude and energy of gratitude is a panacea for any number of ills; among its most potent superpower being its ability to ground you in the present, redirect your focus to what is working and what is going well right now and as a consequence leave you in a space where you are much more resourceful and able to embrace opportunities and negotiate challenges.

Stepping into a grateful mindset is always a choice. And one that without fail yields positive results.

So if there was a one thing that I could narrow down, that would be it.

Process, process, process.


Gratitude, gratitude, gratitude.

xx Jane