Imagine having resources to draw on that allow you to tune back into yourself and calm your system during moments of upset or anxiety…

Or a stabilising practice to return to when you find yourself caught up in overthinking, overwhelm or worry…

Or even the awareness that allows you to recognise when you are moving mentally, physically and emotionally into an unhelpful place and allows you to reground, regroup, and recentre…

With so much going on in the world at the moment, it’s important for us to develop understandings and draw on resources that allow us to consolidate our energy and ground and centre in the midst of uncertainty, concern, and anxiety.

The body practices I’ll share with you in this workshop are grounded in trauma-informed nervous system understanding and allow us to soften the edges of stressful experience so we can find a greater sense of ease in our own body, heart, and mind.

You don’t need to find hours in your day to do this. We are going to be exploring accessible, easy to implement, and time-efficient techniques that connect you to your body’s natural intelligence and help relieve tension no matter where or how you find yourself.

What makes this special?

TOUCH is not a training session that begins at the level of the mind. I won’t be asking you to “think positive” or adding an extensive list to to-do’s to what no doubt already feels like a full plate.

Instead, this is an exploration of body-based understandings, incorporating trauma-informed movement work, safe touch, and awareness practices that allow you to find a greater sense of calm and ease and an increased sense of resilience and connection so you can show up for your life and horses in a way that is grounded, purposeful and ultimately, sustainable.

Sounds just like the thing you needed to get your heart and mind in the right space? I’d love to do this together.

You'll learn:

  • Movement and body-based practices to help soothe hypervigilance, overthinking, and anxiety

  • Nervous system fundamentals including the basics of the social engagement system, its relationship to the vagus nerve, and how to down-regulate your nervous system

  • Practices and processes that allow you to tune into yourself, increase your stress-resilience and give a tool kit of resources to access during times of concern, worry, or unease

But most importantly, you’ll learn how to move out of an anxious and stressed state of being and develop an easily implemented and time-efficient practice to help refind your calm and your centre.

Save The Date

What? TOUCH: A 90-minute comprehensive live training giving you body-based tools to calm anxiety, down-regulate from hypervigilance, and increase stress resilience

When? Monday, 16th November 2020, 8:30 am NZDT {Click Here For Time Zone Converter}

Who? Me 👋 I’m Jane Pike and I’m a mindset, movement, and nervous system coach who uses the practices I’m going to share with you to keep me grounded and centred in the inevitable ups and downs of life.

In this training, I’ve drawn together some of my favourite movement and embodiment practices so you calm and soothe your system, meet yourself with kindness and find a more easeful and balanced place to rest and return to. 

What else? 

Your pass to TOUCH includes:

  • Body-based practices to help calm your nervous system and manage stress and anxiety
  • A live Q&A session at the end of the training – and the opportunity to send your questions in advance if you can’t make it live.
  • Lifetime access to the training recording

TOUCH is perfect for you if...

  • Are interested in exploring body-based practices for finding a greater sense of calm and ease
  • Are struggling with anxiety, worry, and overthinking
  • Feel like your “stuck on” and can’t seem to find a way to unwind and ground yourself
  • Find yourself easily upset or thrown off centre 
  •  Feel you are “full up” or at capacity (or even well beyond it)
  • Are interested in learning more about practical self-care practices that allow for greater self-compassion & understanding
On the other hand, you might want to skip this if…
  • The embodied, body-led approach doesn’t float your boat
  • Honestly, I’m struggling to think of reasons why you would want to skip this 😆 To me, these are essential life practices

Ready to make it happen together?

Join TOUCH and learn effective body-based tools and practices to calm anxiety, soothe hypervigilance and increase stress resilience.  

Frequently Asked Questions

This workshop is going to be hands-on (in every sense of the word!). We’ll be exploring trauma-informed movement practices, safe touch, and a selection of embodiment techniques to down-regulate your system and help you ground and centre. Reaping the benefit will require following your curiosity and trying it all on for size yourself. 

This is an adventure into better understanding yourself and meeting yourself with kindness and compassion. The tools we explore help develop the practical means to increase resilience and resource ourselves to better manage stress and challenge.

The training itself will take around 90 minutes, followed by a Q&A session but allow up to two hours if you can- I’ll be sticking around for as long as it takes to cover the material and answer any questions that come up.

Plus, the work we cover together you’ll be able to instantly apply without too much heavy lifting. And you won’t need to put extra hours aside after to make it all work- life is full already. We need approaches that work for us and with us.

Absolutely! You’ll receive the video recording within 24 hours of the live training wrapping up, so you can watch it whenever you want.

Plus, you’ll have the chance to submit any specific questions in advance, so I can cover them during the Q&A part of the training.

I’ll offer the recording of the live training again, but the special launch price of $47 USD will be gone. After 16 November 2020, Touch won’t be available for this price again (and you won’t get the opportunity to join live or submit questions in advance.)

Great! You can send me a voicemail message by hitting the “Leave Message” button on the right-hand side of the screen or email me

Well, yes and no. I consider working with horses to be a life practice and all parts of our life feed into the whole.

In this specific training, I’m running through techniques and practices we can use to manage ourselves away from our horses (and believe me, both of you will be better off for it!)

Want to sign up?

Join Touch now and learn accessible, easy to implement, and time-efficient techniques that connect you to your body’s natural intelligence and help relieve tension no matter where or how you find yourself.