Poetry has always been one of my great loves. I turn to poetry to expand into my bigness; to extend my conversation with the world beyond the predictable and expected; to jolt me out of ruts of living and thinking and into new thought streams and possibilities.

What we know to be true is that poetry has the ability to move us. To create an internal shift that is both beyond words and because of them. We don’t just hear poems; we feel them. They are a full body, sensory immersion.

Glimmer Sessions are monthly, 90 minute sessions where we set about hunting the glimmerings through poetry.

Together we’ll explore poetry as a means to better understand our emotions, spark creativity, shift our perspective and discuss the practical applications of what we’ve learned to life and horsemanship.

Small pockets of time where we come together to flirt with words and allow them to change us.

Glimmerings are found in the things that move you, the things you love, the things that call you. And it is my belief that no matter how strong or weak they seem, our glimmerings are clues that, if we follow them, show us the essence of our aliveness. They are inspirited roadmaps leading us towards the next right step.

How do Glimmer Sessions work?

Over the course of our time together, I will lead you through a short sensory practice or meditation, and then read to you two or three poems which will form the basis of our discussion. We’ll then move into a guided, group discussion around the chosen pieces. 

You can expect to learn snippets of the psychology and neuroscience of poetry and the arts, as well as the application of poetry to awareness and wellbeing. But above all, you’ll understand poetry as a means to slow down, unlock what’s sparkling in your heart and reawaken your sense of vitality and aliveness. 

All humans are welcome! This is not a writing class, and no experience of writing or poetry is required.

Important Logistical Details

Glimmer Sessions are held every month, at 8:30 am NZDT.

Next session date TBA 

A Single Session Glimmer Pass is $49 USD.

A 3 session Glimmer Pass is $120 USD

Poetry, to me, is not just writing. It’s an incantation, a spell, a portal to another world. when I read good poetry, I am not just moved, I am teleported. A part of me wakes up.