The Getting Out Of Your Own Way Series- Part One

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Wowsers, if there is something that I hear a whole lotta bout it’s the incessant chatterings of the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee, otherwise known as the Inner Critic. Leaving an untamed committee to their own devices can cause havoc on your dreams and aspirations (both in and out of the saddle) so it makes sense for the first stop on our quest to get out of our own way be right here at Itty Bitty Shitty Committee management headquarters.

The thing is, the committee is not “evil” by design; quite the contrary in fact. It’s intention is wholly positive, it’s entire purpose for existing being to keep you safe. The thing is, “safe” is almost always within the confines of your comfort zone. And “safe” does not necessarily take into account you learning, expanding and growing…

So let’s begin on our exploration of what exactly the IBSC is and how we go about making sure it doesn’t hold us back…

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