Win four EFT sessions with Betsy Crouse

** This competition has now closed. Thank you all for your bravery! Can all entrants please check their email as I have unclaimed prizes**

The recent three part article series on ‘Tapping for Nervous Equestrians’ (which you can read here, here and here) really struck a chord with many readers. Many of us are holding onto fear and trauma from a scary riding experience and the possibility that Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) or ‘tapping’ could help us to release these feelings sounds like an answer to our prayers.

We also heard from Amy Thompson, who shared her personal story of how EFT helped her to overcome her anxiety following a riding accident.

Wouldn’t it be great to follow the stories of three more riders who were able to use EFT to once again enjoy their horse time with relaxation and confidence?

Wouldn’t it be even better if one of those riders was you?

Thanks to the generosity of our resident EFT expert, Betsy Crouse, I am so excited to announce that three lucky equestrians have the opportunity to ‘Test Ride’ this acupressure-related technique for themselves!

Betsy, who specialises in helping horse riders to break the cycle of tension and apprehension, will lead the chosen candidates through four intensive EFT sessions. At the conclusion of the ‘Test Ride’, the riders will share their experiences on Confident Rider so that other readers can evaluate if EFT could work for them too.

Here’s how to be in the running.

  1. Assess whether you meet the criteria below.
  2. Write a personal story in the comments section at the bottom of the page to explain how you meet the criteria, and why overcoming your fears would be life-changing. Your comment can be anywhere between 100 – 400 words and will be used to select the three riders who will go forward with the ‘Test Ride’.

This competition is brought to you by Betsy Crouse, ACEP-certified EFT practitioner. It is open to all Confident Rider readers from anywhere in the world. One entry per person please. Competition closes on May 24th at 11:59pm (WST). Good luck!

Criteria and Terms & Conditions.

This offer is for 4 one-on-one Skype or telephone sessions with ACEP-certified EFT practitioner Betsy Crouse. The criteria for candidates for this offer are listed below:

– Have access to and can read material posted online.

– Can make a little daily time (~20-30 min.) for doing some between-session “homework.”

– Willing to share personal story of reasons for seeking EFT help (100 – 400 words) and follow-up story of experience with EFT, on Confident Rider site, to provide for transparency of process.

– Available for sessions on Saturday or Sunday mornings, Eastern U.S. time.

– Willing to complete Betsy’s standard intake paperwork.

Candidates must be having riding difficulty that matches the criteria below:

(Note: these criteria are only for the purposes of this offer – effective EFT is not limited to them.)

– Rider was not having significant trouble (meaning normal learning curve for new skill development and comfortable riding with established skills and tasks) prior to one or more specific difficult events (mounted or on the ground).

– Rider has moderate to clear recall of these events, which may have happened recently or quite some time ago, or both. (This is just for purposes of this trial – EFT ability to help is not limited to those with clear recall or even clear knowledge of what is anchoring their fear. It just makes it easier to get started.)

– Rider is currently experiencing significant difficulty with riding and/or groundwork tasks that previously were not a problem.

Examples of non-specific vs. specific events:

Non-specific: I’ve always had bad luck at shows and now I’m scared to compete.

Specific: The time I got bucked off and dragged at a show in front of a big crowd.

Non-specific: I had a critical instructor who ruined my confidence.

Specific: The time my instructor humiliated me in front of others at a clinic.

Non-specific: I’ve had some awful experiences on trail.

Specific: The time my horse fell crossing a creek and landed on top of me.

Candidates don’t need to list all their events in their story, but should have a mental list of one or more specific events which they feel are likely to be major contributors to their current issues.

Please leave your comments below.