An online training session to help you hold bigger energies and experiences in your body without moving into overwhelm, anxiety, fear or shutdown.

WHEN: Monday, September 7th, 8:30 am NZST (click here for time zone converter)

COST: Free for JoyRide Members, $20 USD for non-members

Signing up gives you access to the live session and the recording for 28 days after the session.

Something I noticed time and time again in my work was this:

Anytime there was any sort of discomfort in the body- say a degree of anxiety, fear or concern- this feeling triggered a reaction in the rider that made them feel like they were physically under threat. I refer to this experience as the “coupling together” of activation with a habitual nervous system response- and it’s one that leaves us with a limited ability to cope with anything that extends us outside of our comfort zone. It’s a pre-patterned loop that pulls us out of the present moment and into a default behavior.

This session is all about learning how to step out of that cycle; how to un-couple activation from emotion so that we can hold our ground and our centre, even in the midst of challenge.

We’ll be covering…

+ Common “default” responses to stress. Why we “go there”  from a nervous system perspective and how to break the loop

+ “The Great Uncoupling”: Separating out activation from fear and concern

+ Practical processes to allow you to increase your capacity to handle energy and activation in the body (without your heart and mind leaving the building)

JoyRider Members: No need to register or sign up. Details to join live will be sent out and the recording will be available for you on the member’s site after the session has wrapped up.