Anxiety is something that can be simultaneously complex and simplistic to deal with; it also ranks #1 on the list of topics that I hear most about from riders. Incidentally, it’s one of my favourite subjects to address simply because there is so much you can do to retrain an “anxious mind”. I see it all the time with riders that I work with and I apply the same techniques myself if I notice my mind going in an unhelpful direction!

In this video, I answer a question from Rachel via my Confident Rider facebook page who asked for some tips on dealing with anxiety in the “getting ready to ride” stages… it’s really only the tip of the iceberg as to what’s available in terms of techniques and plans.

And if you want to delve in, upskill, retrain YOUR anxious mind and have me support you all the way, then check out JoyRide. This is one of the many topics we address and I am constantly blown away by the ninja skills of the riders in the program turning things around for themselves. Click here to check out JoyRide!

Feel free to post your comments and questions, I’m more than happy to answer them.

xx Jane

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