The Confident Rider Training Journal – Editable



The Confident Rider Training Journal will help you to set goals and intentions for you and your horse that really work for you, in a way that allows you to maximize your progress and your mindset. The step by step processes outlined allows you to create monthly training plans that feed back into your weekly and daily work with your horse.

The prompts provided with will allow you to make conscious choices that inch you and your horse forward: confidently, mindfully, joyfully.

The Training Journal includes:

– Instructions on how to use the Journal

– A 3 Month goal setting plan

– Monthly and weekly goal setting plans

– Daily training logs for planning and review

Purchase of the Confident Rider Editable Training Journal gives you a digital copy of the journal that you can print off or fill in on your computer in the editable fields.

“This journal is so awesome! I’ve never thought of goal setting as fun but I’m really enjoying the way it breaks things down into manageable pieces. The daily and weekly session log is a great way to stay objective and positive while allowing room for improvement. It’ll also allow me to actually see progress or regression instead of just guessing about it! Fabulous creation Jane! Thank you so much!” ~ Julie Steorts

“A training journal with a difference. Jane’s Journal takes you deeper into the relationship between you and your horse than just goal setting. Even though your partnership may be well established it will make stop and rethink where you are and where you are going. You then then clearer in setting the steps and goals and the journal is fantastic for recording your rides and thoughts. For me it has become the all in one essential.” ~ Patricia Frost

“This journal is invaluable to your journey of training and the relationship with your horse. Weather your ambition is the an Olympic medal or having a fabulous relationship with your horse. It will keep you on track with where you would like to go with you riding and your relationship with your horse and will help you celebrate all those wonderful little stepping stones along the way of your training journey!” ~ Susan Gough







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