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If you want to bounce against the edges of your own emotional conditioning, experiment with how willing you are to express yourself in different ways.

I’m not the first to mention this- Madonna released a song about it back in 2009 (always ahead of her time!)- but joking aside, it is amazing to observe how rigid a framework we have designed for ourselves when it perpetuating emotional patterns or operating within the same emotional range day in day out.

Your body language is a physical expression of your thought processes. And the beautiful thing is, not only do our thoughts influence the way that we hold and move through the world and with our horses in a very tangible way, but it works in the reverse direction also; by changing up the way we are using our body, we can affect thought patterns, mood and emotions.

So try it… how stuck are you? If I asked you to get up and skip around the room right now, what would you think about that?

If I asked you to look up, hold your hands above your head in a big “V” shape and grin the biggest, silliest grin you ever did grin, would you give it a shot?

Or make a crazy face.

Would you do it? What comes up for you?

We all get stuck. We all become predictable. But one of the best ways to extend your emotional range is to well, loosen up. Be louder than normal. More expressive. Introduce more energy into how you move.

And then do the reverse.

Exercise your emotional agility. Develop the volume of your emotions, both up and down.

You’ll be surprised what comes up.

xx Jane

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