On Vitality & Saving Your Own Life

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The subject of vitality is on my mind because in a couple of weeks’ time, I’m teaching a workshop with Rupert Isaacson on that exact topic. It’s a workshop that I’m really excited for because at the heart of my work lies the desire for the restoration of vitality.

The pathway there might look different for everyone; the challenges each of us experience may hold their own unique flavor; but ultimately, we are all looking to feel the essence of our own aliveness and to be able to hold that energy without turning away from the conversations that are important to us.

Horses provide us with a portal to have conversations that we would not be brave enough or supported enough to have without them.

They free us to say,

I am experiencing anxiety or

I feel lost or

I can’t find my way or

I’m struggling in my relationships,

by allowing us to think that it’s about them, just enough,

that we can turn towards what it is that is happening and begin the conversation.

They teach us different ways that we can save our own lives.

Ways that ultimately become more graceful as we become more skilled at holding the energy that’s required.

In this episode, we discuss:

  • What vitality is (and what it isn’t)
  • The many ways we seek to save our own lives
  • How vitality allows us to face towards the conversation, instead of away from it

I hope you enjoy it! You can learn more about the Vitality Workshop I’m teaching with Rupert Isaacson or sign up on this link:


Happy listening,

❤️ Jane

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