Is it safe to trust yourself?

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Part of the 1:1 work that I do involves making guided audios that address specific concerns or limiting beliefs that we may have. In order for someone to be completely relaxed, it’s important that they feel safe. That they know that it’s safe to make the changes that they need to make. That it’s safe to connect to the more intuitive part of themselves. That it’s safe to really be in touch with their own inner wisdom.

That word “safe” though is a big one. I’ve got feedback from more than a few people who really respond to the word safe, like it’s a huge relief to think that it IS safe to relax, to trust and to move towards whatever it is you dream of or aspire to manifest in your riding and your life.

I feel as though we’ve been conditioned to feel that it’s NOT safe to trust ourselves. That instead of cultivating the ability to connect logical thought with intuitive instinct, that cord has been cut. Thought and feeling have become disconnected and as a consequence, we are missing more of our own emotional notifications that tell us when to do, when not to do, when to back ourselves and when to back off. Instead, we wait for someone else to tell us what we can and can’t trust.

In my own learning and evolution, I have moved from someone with a very competitive focus to realizing that horses have been the lens through which I experience self-development on every level, including (dare I say it), spiritually. And as part of that understanding, I’m learning that in order for my riding to become art, in order for the harmony I seek to become actualized, I need to ensure that I am congruent on every level. That my thoughts are united with my feelings, and I am aware of the signals and energies that I am projecting on every level that are so keenly felt by my horses.

It’s less and less about my horse and more and more about me.

So I wonder… do you feel that there is a disconnect? Do you find it hard to merge thought, feeling and intuition? Do you find it easy to trust yourself?

“Who you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

xx Jane

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