Invoking Awe & Wonder explores our relationship with these two life-giving, regenerative forces, and the role they play in our happiness, the quality of our relationships with others, with the planet we live on and the core of our wellbeing.

Through writing, nature based enquiry, understandings of the nervous system, mind and body, we will explore the ways and means to rekindle the spirit of wonder and what that means individually, in community and in relationship to the landscape we’re a part of.

With the demands of everyday living, it’s easy to fall into what can seem like a self-repeating loop of predictability and routine.

This workshop is an invitation to step away from the idea that wonder and awe exist only in the rare and the spectacular, training ourselves to instead creating openings in attention that notice the extraordinary in the ordinary. 

Creating and developing an awe and wonder practice binds and connects us to something bigger than ourselves, encourages positive neuroplasticity and promotes a greater sense of wellbeing and vitality.

Here’s how we’re going to roll…

The workshop is held over 2 x 2 hour sessions, 48 hours apart.

Our first session will be on Tuesday, 12th December at 8:00 am NZDT {click here for time zone converter}, where we will have in depth discussions on what it means to cultivate a sense of awe and wonder in everyday life and how to develop a felt connection with them as part of a daily practice.

Within the session, there will be practical exercises and discussion, so come with a pen and paper ready to do some adventuring! 

The second session will be on Thursday, 14th December at 8:00 am NZDT {click here for time zone converter}, where we will reflect on your discoveries, and have time for open discussion and contemplation.

All sessions will be recorded and sent out to registered participants shortly after we wrap up the live session.

Cost: $150 USD 

The Nuts & Bolts


Tuesday, 12th December at 8:00 am NZDT & Thursday, 14th December at 8:00 am NZDT

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The sessions last for 2 hours each and are 48 hours apart.


This workshop is held online via Zoom. We appreciate that with busy lives and people spread all over the globe that you may not be able to make the sessions live.

All sessions will be recorded and sent to participants shortly after we have wrapped up.

You will also have access to a private podcast feed exclusive to Awe & Wonder Workshop participants.


The workshop is being co-taught by us, Jane Pike and Rupert Isaacson. We have bottled up our combined decades of experience to provide you with a unique experience and perspective on the topic of awe and wonder.

What Else?

Your pass to the Awe & Wonder Workshop includes:

✔️Full access to both two hour live sessions, as well as the opportunity for interactive discussion and Q&A (you are welcome to send your questions in advance if you can’t make it live)

✔️ Lifetime access to the recordings

✔️ Access to Awe & Wonder private podcast feed

✔️ Accompanying resources

Who we are...

Rupert Isaacson

A journalist for the British and American press from the early 1990s (Daily and Sunday Telegraph, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday, Independent on Sunday, Esquire, National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveller – among others), he has also published several guidebooks to Africa and India, and he is the author of three non-fictional memoirs: The Healing Land (a New York Times Notable Book), which tells the story of his family in Africa, and of his own time spent living with the Bushmen of the Kalahari Desert; The Horse Boy (a New York Times and Sunday Times bestseller), which tells the story of his journey across Mongolia on horseback with his autistic son Rowan; and The Long Ride Home, which tells of the three subsequent healing journeys he and his son made to Africa, Australia and the Navajo Reservation, as well as his discovery of how horses can help autism and special needs in general.

Rupert also runs the Horse Boy Foundation which offers services to autism families, and helps direct several satellite centers offering similar services in North America and Europe.

In partnership with Iliane Lorenz he also teaches Horse Boy Method, Movement Method (a homeschool technique aimed at autism, ADD and ADHD families among others), and other kinetic learning techniques, along with Helios Harmony, a way of introducing riders to the higher levels of equitation .


Jane Pike

Jane’s work explores how it is we access and bring forward our innate vitality, through our relationship to ourselves, each other and the natural world. She draws constant inspiration from the creative arts and poetry, her relationships with the animals in her life, and the many allies she finds on her daily walks and rides through the forest on her farm.

She currently calls the South Island of New Zealand/ Aotearoa home, finding solace and support from raw beauty of the landscape that surrounds her.

Jane has travelled extensively, including working as an aid worker throughout the middle east and Indian subcontinent in her 20’s, and combines her personal experiences in the world with her creative interests and expertise in movement, biomechanics and the nervous system to create experiences that are moving, enriching and transformational.