“Often the hands will solve a mystery that the intellect has struggled with in vain” ~ C G Jung

As humans, our hands represent so much more than what they allow us to do physically. We recognise that we can read someone’s emotional state through how they are using and gesturing with the hands. 

A person’s ability to give and receive through the hands gives us clues to what internal resistances they may be struggling with.

Our hands are our physical embodiment of self-expression; with them, we have the power to both create and to destroy; to extend kindness and to cause harm.

In this pre-recorded workshop, we will be exploring the hands as a portal to understand more about our inner and outer worlds.

Through embodied, movement based practices and creative exploration, we will discuss:

  • The somatic symbolism of the hands
  • How increased understanding of the hands can illuminate things we may not consciously aware of
  • How we can use this information to create better relationships with ourselves and our horses with exploration of  contact, pressure, and touch

This workshop is free for JoyRide members 

This workshop is for you if...

  • You’re interested in learning more about the hands and their relationship to the nervous system
  • You’re interested in developing a more refined relationship with contact, pressure and touch
  • You’re interested in exploring patterns of behaviour and expression through the lens of symbolism, imagination & the unconscious

How we are going to roll...


Heart In Your Hands is a two hour, pre-recorded workshop that was initially filmed live.

The workshop is active and experiential, a combination of hands on practices and theory.

How much?

The workshop is $50 USD for non-JoyRide members.

If you are a member of JoyRide, this workshop is part of your membership (you don’t need to sign up!)

Who with?

The workshop is with me, Jane Pike.

This workshop is free for JoyRide members 

Got questions?

I’m more than happy to answer them! You can message me here or email me jane@confidentrider.online