Getting Out Of Your Own Way Series- Part Three

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Welcome to the final part of the Getting Out of Our Own Way series! By now, we’ve had a good chat about the Itty Bitty Shitty Committee (and given you some ninja skills to deal with them!) and we’ve talked about Comparisonitis. What’s left? Well self-doubt of course. This one usually occurs at two points. Firstly, you are coasting along on a wave of awesomeness when you hit a wall of self-doubt that pretty much stops you in your tracks. Believe it or not this is the preferred option- the other situation is where the seed of doubt is so strong that you never get to ride that wave in the first place!

In either situation, self-doubt originates from fear; it springs from a thought that leads you to believe that you’re not going to be able to follow through or deliver the results that you need to in order to be successful (in whatever way this is relevant to you).

Let’s talk about how to break down the wall of self-doubt so you can ride the wave unimpeded.. or horse as the case may be…

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Want more where this came from? Well, the good news is there is LOADS. MORE. Like loads.

We’ve barely touched the surface of the ways and means that we can blow the IBSC out of the ballpark, press eject on those pesky thoughts of you comparing yourself to others, or swimming in the soupy depths of self-doubt.

Click the link below to check out JoyRide. Not only will you turn into a mindset ninja but you will have the JoyRide A-Team supporting your every step of the way.

Let’s do this!

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