Getting Out of The Way

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When riding of late, I’ve been actively practicing getting out of the way of my horse. Doing the absolute minimum when it comes to guidance and correction, and then saying to her, “You know what to do, I’ve seen the magnificent way you carry your body when I’m not on your back.

Let me try to find my own balance so that you can do what you already know how to do”.

And if she doesn’t find the balance, the softness that I am hoping she will find, instead of making her find it, I’m trusting that she will. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow, but she will. And as I ride forward, I hold the intention in my mind, the vision that I share for both of us that acts as a lighthouse as we both move forward in our training together.

With horse and rider, I think that the ability to develop lightness and connection can be examined on three levels; the physical, the emotional and the intentional.

It goes without saying that we need to be physically organized; to ensure that we find our own centre of balance first and foremost and organize ourselves to find that with our horse a opposed to the other way round.

Then there’s the emotional organisation. The ability to stay present, to ride with love and compassion, to cultivate positive focus.

And the intentional. This encompasses the vision, the creationery power that allows us to dream of the ideal, not as a weapon against which we can judge ourselves, but as a point of inspiration that allows us to be guided by the highest part of ourselves.

Physical, emotional, intentional. Finding your own balance so you free the horse to find theirs.

xx Jane

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