Exercising Your Creative Power

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Imagine that in front of you was a big line.

The line stretching out to your left represents your past; all the wonderful things, the not so wonderful things, the disappointments, the lows and the highs. 

The line to your right represents your future. All the dreams, the possibilities, the yet to be knowns.

And right now, directly in front of you is a huge pile of stuff. This stuff represents your present moment. You might like what you are looking at. You might not. You might examine it, poke around in it, call some other people over to look at your pile of stuff with you.

So what is that stuff? All the stuff is is the present manifestation of everything that has already happened. It’s the result of all your past decision, your actions (or inactions), you conditioning, experiences. All making themselves known in the present moment.

The thing is, it’s possible to observe this pile of stuff and move forward to create a whole different pile in the future. But what many of us do is we stare at it, kick it around, get some on our shoe and then we drag it with us as we walk into the future. We take it with us instead of looking at it for what it is, taking what we need from it and then moving forward in the way that we need to.

You see, regardless of what’s happened in the past. Regardless of whether you have been wronged, or whether things haven’t gone your way- it doesn’t matter. Letting go of that stuff doesn’t mean that you necessarily condone what has happened, but holding onto it ensures that you take the energy of it and drag it into your future.

So no matter what that pile of stuff looks like that’s in front of you right now, you have the power to decide how you want things to be. You can step back, look at it, and then say? What do I want? How do I want things to be? Create the vision for what that looks like. See it in your minds eye, infuse it into your being. And then move forward in accordance with THAT vision, rather than the “reality”.

You are always free to make things different to what you have experienced. And the only moment where that continues to be possible is right now.

xx Jane


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