How To Deal With Other People Dissing Your Dreams!

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What to do when you are all excited about setting an ambitious goal for yourself, you share it with someone and they make you feel like a potato! Gah!

We’ve all been there at one time or another, but the biggest thing that I’ve learned? I don’t need anyone else to support my dreams. That’s MY job!

Regardless, holding the belief when others around you are not sold on that same thing happening can be a little challenging. Here’s my thoughts on how to hold tight when others are dissing your dreams…

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Tally ho!


Video Transcript

Hi guys, Jane here from Confident Rider. How do you deal with other people dissing your dreams? This was a question that I had posed to me in the JoyRide Facebook group this week and I felt it was so relevant to so many of you out there, that I wanted to make a video about it.

When we create a big vision or a wonderful lofty dream for ourselves, what we’ve done is cast a line out into the future and created a point of positive tension that we’re able to move towards. What that allows us to do is then action a strategy so we can reverse engineer from that point and work out what it is that we need to do right now, over the course of the next weeks, months and years that will allow us to expand and develop towards that ultimate goal.

Now in the beginning it can be very difficult that those around you to appreciate what it is that you are trying to achieve and the metaphor that I liken it to is, in the very first instances when we have this vision where we have that dream; this flame is lit and it is strong but it is often very small and vulnerable like that of a tea light candle. So if you think of your dream or your vision being the tea light candle, you wouldn’t just move outside into all manner of weather and allow that to be exposed to the wind and the rain and the elements that are swirling around you, instead you pop it into a jar and you put a lid on and make sure that the right amount of oxygen got in, in order for that flame to really take root and be able to sustain itself moving forward.

It is the same for our vision and for our dream, in the very early stages we have to make sure that we’re taking full responsibility for keeping that dream alive. And often it also is a challenge for us to do so; holding onto that belief that that is indeed possible is perhaps the most difficult part.

So until we have created some momentum in that direction, we need to make sure that you put some supportive structures and frameworks around yourself that allow you to consistently develop the mindset that tells you that that is indeed possible for you.

It is not up to other people to defend and safeguard your dream, that’s only up to you. And as a result seeking out ways that will allow you to get more consistently connected to that and feel stronger towards that vision and goal as the days go by is solely your responsibility. Make sure that you really are selective about who you talk about your biggest dreams and visions with, not everybody is going to be supportive and that’s completely okay.

For the most part, people’s opinion are just perceptions of what they do to be possible for themselves and comes from a lifetime of experiences and conditioning that has left them at the point that they are now. Everyone’s at the right point for them, but we don’t need other people to buy into our dreams and vision in order for that to be possible for us.

What we need to do is just get a very select number of people around us who we really say is our tribe, or our community, we can really fortify and help us move towards that point in a really positive and proactive way. In saying that what you really want to do is to seek out some structures for your life and riding on a daily basis that allow you to step into that mindset continually and that might be reading books, uplifting, inspire you or up skill you, it might be watching YouTube clips or listening to audio material online that do the same thing.

It might be joining programs like JoyRide or something else where you are involved in a community of people who are really positive and passionate and supportive about what it is that you’re doing and what it is that they’re doing, so you’re constantly finding yourself inspired and motivated to move forward.

You don’t have to know exactly how it’s going to happen, all you need today is to create this vision, create this dream for yourself, connect to that as much as possible on a daily basis, and then really safeguard the energy of that in its very early stages until it grows in momentum and the flame grows stronger and stronger, and as a result is able to withstand more pressure and perhaps divisive opinion from outside sources.

I hope that helps. Have a fabulous day guys, and I’m going to talk to you again really soon.

xx Jane

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  1. What a wonderful message to begin a New Year with! Thank you, Jane. Many blessings to you in 2019.

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