Courage In Conversation are free, monthly meetup sessions for followers of the Confident Rider Podcast.

It’s a place for us to come together, share our voices, and have open conversations around topics that I’m exploring on the podcast month to month.

Here's how it works...

  • Each month, I nominate a podcast episode to be the feature topic for our Courage In Conversation Session
  • Your homework will be to listen to the podcast and note down any thoughts or questions you have in relation to the topic
  • At a set time each month, we will come together to share and discuss our thoughts. I will lead the session and then the floor will be open for you to contribute should you wish to (you’re welcome to lurk in the background too!)
  • We are a global community and the time choice is not going to work for everyone. You are welcome to presubmit any questions you have and I will send the recording to everyone who has registered.

This month's topic:

Episode 78: Josh Nichol: On Leadership, Connection & Relational Horsemanship. Josh will also be joining us live for this discussion. 

Date: Friday, 16th April, 9:30 am NZST {Click Here For Time Zone Converter}

Hi, 👋 I’m Jane, and I’m the host of The Confident Rider Podcast. The podcast has been a playground for me to explore new ideas, use my voice, connect with like minds in the horse world and contribute to conversations that allow me to gain a better understanding of myself, my horses, and the world around me.

Through my work, I’ve come to understand the value of being able to rest in the uncomfortable, adventure through the uncertain, embrace the unknown, and to seek out beauty and wonderment at every opportunity.

In order to do that as a collective, we need to be coming together and having more courageous conversations. Sharing our voices, expressing our challenges and being open to different ways of meeting both that allows for expansion, kindness and compassion. This is my offering in support of that desire.