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Tools, skills and guidance to be kind with your mind and communicate from the heart.

A 1-Day online course with Kerri Lake and Jane Pike.

Time: February 29, 2020, begins at 10:00 AM PST (GMT -8)

Join us for this unique opportunity to work with two people at the leading edge of self-awareness in the equestrian world and beyond.

Jane Pike is the creator of The Confident Rider. She is a passionate horse person, unshakeable optimist, coach, and writer, dedicated to helping you live a brave, connected and enriching life with your horse and beyond.

Kerri Lake is a person with innate gifts of intuitive awareness and communication. She lives in a constant study of her own life to be able to offer her tools, clarity, awareness and guidance in the most simple and pragmatic way possible.

Together, they will share with you an unparalleled integration of mental and intuitive clarity and skill that you can apply immediately in your relationship with both horses and humans.

A 2 Day Clinic with Robyn Schiller and Jane Pike

March 11/12, Victoria Equestrian Centre, Beaconsfield, Victoria

March 14/15, El Castillo Equestrian Centre, Springfield, Victoria

Are you seeking a deeper, authentic connection with yourself and your horse?

Do you desire to make positive changes and improvements in your life, but are not quite sure where to start?
Are you held back by stress, self-doubt or anxiety? 

Do you want to feel more confident in all that you do with your horse?

Jane Pike and Robyn Schiller will guide you through an experiential 2-day workshop where you and your horse will learn and practice tools to achieve all of those things and more! If you don’t have a horse or we’ve run out of room for that kind of participation – it’s ok – there is still space for your involvement, insight and reflection, relaxation, connection with like-minded souls, and FUN!

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