For many of us, our relationship with the breath has lost its magic and its intimacy. More often than not, breathing is considered in the camp of “what we aren’t good at”, something we need to fix, or need to optimize.

In this workshop, we’ll be exploring the breath through the function of the unconscious, the intuitive and the symbolic. 

Together, we'll play with and understand the breath from a different perspective, separate from a tool we use to harness, overcome, control or move through.

Through embodied, movement based practices and creative exploration, we will discuss:

  • The somatic symbolism of the breath
  • The relationship between the breath and the unconscious
  • How breath is different between the parasympathetic & fight flight systems, 

including discussions on the connections between respiration, circulation & the fascial system 

  • Active practices to help promote whole body respiration

This workshop is free for JoyRide members 

This workshop is for you if...

  • You’re interested in learning more about the breath, the nervous system, beyond the usual models that are offered

  • You’ve struggled with breath work in the past and found it exacerbated rather than eased the symptoms you were hoping to calm

  • You’re interested in exploring the breath through the lens of symbolism, imagination & the unconscious

  • You’re keen to understand more about your body and breath to increase your resources and capacity when working with your horse

How we are going to roll...


Monday, May 20th, 8:00 a, NZST

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This Is Not About Controlling The Breath Breath Workshop is a two hour workshop to be held live on Zoom.

The workshop will be recorded and sent out to everyone who registers.

The workshop is active and experiential, a combination of hands on practices and theory.

How much?

The workshop is $50 USD for non-JoyRide members.

If you are a member of JoyRide, this workshop is part of your membership (you don’t need to sign up!)

Who with?

The workshop is with me, Jane Pike.

This workshop is free for JoyRide members 

Got Questions?

I’m more than happy to answer them! You can message me here or email me