Riding Into The Abyss

One of the most difficult things about learning something or challenging yourself to do new things with your horse is the lack of lived experience

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What’s The One Thing?

Reflections from WEG I’m in the hotel room, kicking back. It’s the night before the “big day”. The competition is due to start in the

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The Magic of Focus

Your focus determines your reality. It might sound simplistic, but it’s true. The basis of it is this: whatever you choose to focus on you

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Let’s talk fear…

Let’s talk fear. But first… Let’s talk rabbits. Now rabbits are pretty much the same the world over; no matter where you are reading this

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Let’s talk jealousy…

Let’s talk Jealousy… Oh, the old green eyed monster! Unless you are some sort of highly ascended being who has never been caught in the

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Cultivating Confidence

Earth to Planet Confidence? Can you hear me? Confidence issues. They are the Captain KillJoy to our Super Hero selves. You don’t have to be

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