Transformational Horsemanship Facebook Live Series

The concept of transformational vs transactional horsemanship has really spoken to me over the past 12 months, and I have realised the former is where my passion lies- personally, professionally and in practice.

Our work and partnership with our horses can be transformational, but it is not inherently so; without paying attention to the process, it’s easy for it to become transactional.

Transactional horsemanship is where we ride in order to achieve a specific goal that is centred around producing a result.

Transformational horsemanship is where we are dedicated to the process of becoming; it’s a practice of personal evolution in relationship with our horse. Transformational horsemanship values who we are, how we behave and how we treat others, our horses and ourselves above the achievement of a specific result or outcome.


Transformational horsemanship does not exclude achievement; in fact, it holds us to a much higher standard of daily practice that ensures that what we are involving ourselves in is sustainable and enduring. It’s the process and practice of the artistry of riding and horsemanship as opposed to a series of sprints towards short term results.

The following is a series of Facebook Live Session recordings I held on Confident Rider dedicated to the discussion around transformational horsemanship and how the four quadrants- the intellectual, the physical, the emotional and the intuitive- all feed in to the mastery of whole hearted horsemanship.

There are ten sessions (some longer than others!) so you might want to grab the popcorn and get settled!


xx Jane

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