To clarify the differences between the sessions:

One to One Coaching an online session without your horse. They are totally bespoke experience, customised to suit you. Together we work through any challenges or stuck points that you are experiencing and create a plan moving forward together.

Online Training Sessions are similar to online riding lessons, the difference being that the focus is on you. You are with your horse for this session, and can be on the ground or in the saddle. I will guide you through an emotional transition process (to get you into a good head and heart space to begin working with your horse) and proceed from there.

Two options exist for Online Trainings: Pre-recorded video sent to me for feedback (up to 15 mins in length) or live sessions. For the live sessions, we will use Zoom. You will need someone to film you, a stable connection to the internet and bluetooth headphones.

Choose on of the booking links below to schedule your session. Looking forward to adventuring together! 

One To One Coaching

Online Training Session