✏️ 25 Notes To Self: An Advent Calendar of Self-Reflection 🌷✍️ 10/25 On Intuition

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Imagine that standing next to you there is a little girl (or a little boy).
They come with you everywhere that you go.
You are aware of their presence but they don’t get in the way.
You never consult them or ask for their opinion, even though you have a hunch every now and then that they might have some interesting things to say.
Then, one day, you find yourself in a situation and you ask them:
What do you think about this?
Taken aback at being consulted, they say something very quietly.
It’s practically inaudible to you. But it piques your curiosity.
So, you decide, that from now on, you will make a habit of asking what they think.
When you find yourself making a decision or contemplating something, you ask:
What do you think about this?
And over time, you notice their voice growing louder.
More confident.
Until one day, they offer their opinion before you even ask.
And you find yourself grateful for it.
This is how your intuition works.
Never ask, check-in or consult with it, and it doesn’t leave you. It just grows very quiet.
Out of the blue, you might ask for its advice- and it will offer it. But only in a whisper.
The more you ask, though, the louder it gets. The more direct in its assertions. The more expectant of your consultation. And you hear it more and more clearly.
That’s how it works.
It’s always there. But it’s up to you to ask.
❤️ Jane
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